Made to mesure

préparation mariéeAll styles are allowed !!!

A graduate of Design University of Moscow and having always been passionate about creating clothing Elena Viette been able to diversity in the fashion that has been worth her to create her own style but also decrypt the style that hides in each of you.
With this creative Russian fashion designer, you can create unique and personalized models for big parties or everyday life. Wedding dresses and cocktail, baptism and bridesmaids, tailors and original outfits, bustiers and sexy dress,  costumes for the scene or sports competitions, classes tuxedos for grand occasions, kilts, etc. … everything is possible either for women or for men. Travail sur mesure Fine clothes from fur, silk, embroidered material or a simple model of the original cut, Elena ensures you to feel good in your skin .

If you like to wear unique garment made to your measurements,
If you like to be elegant and refined,
If you want to get out of the ordinary,
If you need professional advice,
If you can not find clothes to your measures or your taste

Come creating your style with the fashion designer Elena Viette.

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