The creator

essayageElena’s passion for drawing started showing at the age of five, when she creates a first design and draws are first dress sketches, in Moscow her home town. From that time her creative inspiration never left her, and starting at the age of 12 she followed the same fashion design sewing and pattern lessons as a mother, and with the consent and support from her teacher. Elena starts off by addressing those close to her and creating unique custom made designs for Daily clothing and Party dresses.
After passing her baccalaureate at 17 with more than 80% she has a Tates between the fine arts and fashion but not wanting regrets she signs up as an apprentice for a ready to wear at dressmaking Russian factory. From this experience Elena then passes brilliantly her exams for the School of Design. Being a good students all along her curriculum she gets the choice of her first position in research Centre when she obtains her diploma in engineering of the National University of design and technology in 1988. Three years later she opens the workshop in Moscow where she designs and creates more handmade collections for women clothing stores.

bolero-brodé At 29, for the love she has for Reims (France), she decides to move there. Elena begins in October 2004 by opening a fashion workshop – after being a designer for a ready to use wear brand.

It has been 20 years now that her passion lingers in France.

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