Beyond expectations

Unexpected attires

Sculpt the curves with wool,drape with silk, lace and pearls. Of course it’s possible. But it can be created with different materials, and give a different feeling to the clothes and objects.

The first creation is a 12 meters inflatable dragon longueur,
created with fabric for parachute.
For the second challenge, on the theme of delicacies, the creator used fabric for the base with techniques of metal support in order to hold the weigh of manny sweets, gummy bears, chewing gum, or chocolate candy, offered by the chocolate company Deléans.
For the third challenge, Elena chose to create clothing for different recycled objects such as plastic bottles for example, or even cigaret pacs..
Today the stylist honors her region by the creations. Some of her dresses are entirely created with the caps of champagne bottles.

Collection of delicacies eco-surréalisme robe champagne
Collection of delicacies Collection Eco-Surréalisme Collection Champagne


The creator, was able to create…edible dresses, decorated with chocolate, gummy bears, or sweets (with the alliance of the chocolate factory Délians).

For a party in the honor of the League against Cancer, and the charity ” 1000 women 1000 lives” Elena has accomplished as well dresses in recycled materials: journals that are used in the decorations of bottles: caps, labels…

“I wanted to honor our region by creating dresses from those materials: Party dresses in caps, ornamented with little caps and some of those attires needed more than 300 hours of work and 2500 pieces.”

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