Tailor-made wedding dress

croqui-de-robeTo create your wedding dress, I will need to understand your taste, know your desires and expectations, to study your body shape, understand your personality and your surroundings in order to make you look flawless, in the DRESS OF YOUR DREAMS.
We will meet up many times to study your project. I will show you the sketches I will draw after those meet ups, to help you choose a design, but also the materials, the color, and everything that will personalize YOUR wedding dress, your custom made, unique, true to yourself dress.broderie-sur-robe
I will take all your measurements, create the patterns, and start the shaping of your future dress. 4 to 7 fittings will follow, those made to sculpt the dress on you, to work each detail and adjust your dress to get the perfect finish.
The entire creation of a HANDMADE wedding dress will take between one and two entire weeks of work.
prépaPayment methods will proceed this way:
– A deposit of 30% of the total price will be asked of you on the day of the signing of the contract.
– This deposit will not be able to be rendered beyond the period of 7 days, starting from the date of the signature of the contract.
– A second advance of 30% of the final price will be asked of you after the 3rd fitting.
– The rest may be paid when your dress is delivered.
Any order must be made at least one month before the day of your ceremony.

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