Wedding dresses

Your wedding day – that special day is finally yours. Love, dream, harmony with yourself, life with the creation of your dreams, custom made for you. Your feelings will be my inspiration, I will adapt to all your desires and to your personality. The design of your dresses and trimmings may be sober, elegant, feminine, sophisticated, glamorous, ornamented with embroidery, with lace, drapery, crinkles or with bold colors… Everything is possible, even the creation of convertible gowns.

Marry our image with the creation of your custom made wedding dress and accessories in my fashion workshop Elena Viette, in Reims (Marne, France).

  • robe-de-mariage-sky-chateaugfgfgf
  • robe-mariage-angel
  • robe-de-mariage-plis-solei
  • tenue-argenté
  • bustier-drape-jupe-voland'organza
  • bustier-ecru-jupe-top
  • robe-de-mariage-micado,-cape-d'organza
  • robe-de-mariage-fleur-mouve
  • robe-de-mariage
  • robe-de-mariage-avec-bandes-de-satin-et-cape-dentelle
  • robe-de-mariage-dentelle
  • robed'organza,dentelle-avec-bande-blue
  • robe-drape
  • robes-de-mariage-et-petite-fille-blanch-noir
  • tenue-de-mariage-satin-blue-lasse-marron
  • robe-de-mariage-verte-et-peche
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